We are often told  we are Unique – we take this as a compliment!

What can you expect from our training?

We are professional and thorough but we also want you to have fun,  allowing you to enjoy your time with us whilst learning the subject.

Anji HollandAll the Trainers at Anji Holland & Associates are passionate about what they do, very knowledgeable and have a joie de vivre!  All of these things put together create a wonderful learning environment.

Our trainings are run from various locations in the UK such as a stunning Barn conversion in Chapmanslade, near Frome in the midst of the Wiltshire Countryside as well as in Bath and in London.

We also hold trainings in Singapore and Hong Kong.

A practical space and beautiful surroundings make for the perfect place to learn. Whether you want to learn NLP for self-development, in therapy, to become a coach, or to utilise NLP in business – our trainings are second to none.

Come along to one of our ‘NLP Uncovered’  days to get the inside track on what NLP can do for you.

NLP Training

Come and learn with us! Our NLP Training courses apply NLP techniques for self-development, Therapy, Coaching and in business:

Explore NLP

Are you wondering what Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is all about?  If so, we are here to help you!

NLP is a set of tools and techniques that can help you get more out of life – sound good? If so, where do you go from here?

Lots of people come to us to learn NLP.  Some are interested in NLP for self development, some to utilise NLP in Therapy or coaching and some for NLP in Business. It doesn’t matter which one you are interested in, NLP could help you.

Do you want to know ‘What NLP is and what it can do for you?

Why not join us for a ‘NLP Uncovered’ day to find out more.

Contact us now

Please contact Anji and Associates now or have a look at the NLP courses and training we offer and take that first step on the road to getting the life you want.

Unleash your true potential!

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