What is NLP?

NLP is probably the most powerful personal and professional development tool in the world.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.  It is the way in which we take in information, whether it is visually, aurally or kinaesthetically and how we process that information to arrive at the outcomes we reach.

NLP is about the connections between our thoughts, our emotions and our actions. In other words,  it is about what makes people tick.

What exactly do the letters N, L and P stand for?


Relates to neurology, to the ways in which we process information from our five senses through our brain and nervous system.


Relates to the use of language systems – not just words but all communication systems including gestures and postures – to code, organise and attribute meaning to our internal representations of the world, and to communicate internally and externally.


Relates to information processing.   How we encode and store our experiences are similar to how software runs on a computer.  So, by deleting, upgrading and installing our mental software,  we can change how we think and as a result how we act.

So, when linking all the words together,  Neuro Linguistic Programming, we are looking at  the processes by which we create an internal representation – our experience – of the external world of ‟reality” through our language and through our neurology.


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